Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quilting Progress

Today I finished the entire main quilt.  All that is left are the borders....and the cats.  Right now the cats aren't quilted because I wanted them to stand out, but I am nervous about leaving such a large space unquilted.
What to do about those kitties?

I checked the batting and it says up to 10" apart, so I am okay there.  But I dunno if it throws the texture off too much to have those spaces with no quilting at all.  I went ahead and quilted the moon with a wavy texture that I like, but I just don't know what I would quilt onto those cats if I did quilt them.  Thoughts?

Texture on the moon (also that whole sky is quilted even though you can't tell)
Lessons learned from quilting this:

-If you pick thread the exact same color as the fabric you are stitching onto, NO ONE can see it.  I don't think you can see my stitching in the sky at all in these photos!  I even tried to take a shot of the backing but it blends in too well there too!  On the plus side, no one can see my mistakes, because honestly my quilting wasn't stellar :)
This is the back of the sky area, which has stars and swirls

-I tend to make my FMQ narrower as I go along.  So I started out doing the sky with big loopy spirals and by the end was doing much smaller spirals.  This has been a problem I've had on a couple of pieces, and I'm not sure how to combat it except to always quilt really small from the start!

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  1. Hi Heather, Your cat quilt looks fantastic! If you don't quilt the cats they will be puffier than the rest of the quilt giving them a 3d look, which I think is charming. Good job on the piecing and quilting. Bravo..well done!