Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas coasters

Here is the Christmas edition of my coasters!  Made to be reversible, each of these ended up with a different quilting design as I was trying many out.  I made twelve, for three sets of four for my coworkers. The best quilting design ended up being a free motion christmas bow.  Sadly I forgot to take photos of the quilting step.
The fabric choices.  I was trying to go for relatively secular.

Coasters post-assembly but pre-quilting.  I was able to make them much rounder than the first batch by drawing the circle line on them with that blue water-soluble marker.
All quilted and ready for gifting!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I made these coasters for our coffee table a while ago.  The fabric is wine glasses.  I had trouble keeping the shape perfectly round, and also it was challenging to think of interesting designs to quilt onto each of them.  I like the fabric because it's a nice color for all seasons, however on the small size of the coasters it's hard to actually tell that the fabric has glasses on it.

These were very quick and easy to make, as a result I am currently working on making Christmas coasters for my co-workers.

the glass fabric

finished coasters with a variety of designs quilted in