Saturday, May 26, 2012

Needlepoint Finish

Well I've been avoiding my sewing machine lately.  I'm just not in love with the quilting design I chose for my quilt.  But I've promised myself to finish it in the next two weeks, so I definitely will!  Especially with Monday set aside as a full day for sewing.

I also have two classes in the next week, both of which will be really fun.  One is our monthly free "sewing club" class, this month we're making fat quarter placemats.  Photos after the class, but I wanted to note here that I made my first order with Fat Quarter Shop after hearing so many great things about them online and I was not let down.  I got my fabric about two days after I ordered it!

The second class is an introduction to embellishments, which I am SO excited about, but the supply list is reallllly long and contains some strange items, so I'll have to do some shopping for that in the next week.  I already borrowed 22-gauge wire from my electrical engineer friend and everyone was very confused that I needed it for a sewing class!

Anyway, while avoiding quilting I've been working hard on my needlepoint, and I'm pleased to say my first canvas is *actually* done, unlike my last post when really just the fish were done.
Here is shot #1, there are some lovely teals in the water that you can't see, so below is a second one that's under very yellow light but highlights the teals.

Okay, now I have no excuse not to quilt!

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