Friday, May 18, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival

A few blogs I follow are participating in Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival so I thought I would join in as well.

Looking through my past quilts brought up a lot of memories!  Each quilt truly has it's own story.  And even though I've been quilting for a long (longer than many people in my new quilt guild!) I am the slow and steady type, so I don't have a massive quilt repertoire.  

I decided to share a quilt that I made in high school, around 2005 or 2006.  This quilt is a modified lone star that was paper pieced.  The pattern was from a book but unfortunately I can't remember the name and the book is at my parents' house. Edit: figured out the book title! Split-Diamond Dazzlers.

This quilt is very special to me because it was the first quilt where I really owned it from start to finish, with minimal help from my mom or others.  Quilts I had made before this were ones that my mom had helped a lot with.  The quilt directly before this one, in my early high school years, I made independently but it was a BOM so I didn't pick the fabrics or do much of the heavy lifting.

For this lone star, I picked the pattern, picked all of the fabrics, did all of the cutting and piecing by myself, and then hand quilted the whole thing.  I learned a bit about colors when making this quilt.  I started out with a lovely pink fabric, accentuated it with purples, then decided to throw in some yellow.  But I really should have looked carefully at the pattern first, because the yellow ended up being really dominant. After I made the star and border, I spent a verrrry long time at the quilt store trying to find a background color to tie the whole thing together and tone the yellow way down.  The blue I ended up was certainly not the firs thing my mind would have gone to for a background, but I think it really worked and makes the main design pop.

Unfortunately this quilt is also back home at my parents' house, so I don't have any good close-ups of the quilting.  But I did echo quilting around every seam in the star, then quilted stars all over the blue background.  Because I lived in Alaska, I put polar fleece on the back for super warmth and increased snuggle factor.  :)

This quilt won honorable mention at the fair.  I guess I must have been 18 when I entered it, because it was my first year not competing in the youth categories (which, let's face it, have much less fierce competition.)  So even getting a ribbon of any kind was nice.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my quilt.  It holds a special place in my heart and every time I visit my parents I get to see it again and say hello.  :)


  1. A wonderful variety of stars.

  2. Wow, it looks wonderful! I love the blue background with the purples and yellows. Too bad you don't know which book it is from. The border fantastically frames the beautiful star. Well done!

  3. I can't believe you made this in high school! It looks so great! You should be very proud of it!

  4. That is so pretty! The detail and workmanship - wow!

  5. great quilt!

    Check out my blog if you can...

    Margaret Gunn

  6. Nice BOM, Never thought of choosing fabrics as 'heavy lifting'. HAND Quilting- now that could be "Heavy Lifting"! HAHAHA

  7. Goodness this is the first quilt you made by yourself and in high school? Holy smokes that's incredible!! It is drop dead gorgeous.

  8. Great job, what a stunning design and execution and in high school (kudos!)

    Come see my entries 64 (repro. applique) and 85 (antique appliques).

  9. Gorgeous quilt! The blue was the perfect background, and the yellow doesn't dominate at all. I'm so glad you chose this one to share with all of us.

  10. wonderful variety of stars Gorgeous first quilt

  11. That quilt is just super! I wish I had pictures of what i made way back then but come to think of it... they woyld be in black and white anyway.

  12. i always LOVE star quilts and yours is just wonderful. love everything about it--the blue does really make everything just pop. the border is fantastic--love those blocks. thanks for sharing and have a great day.