Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still Pondering Quilt Designs

What this title really should be is "Still putting off making a decision!"

Well today I used the April FMQ Challenge method of tracing on tulle to test one design I really loved.
traced onto the tulle

transferred onto the fabric with water soluable marker

 Hmmm...I still love it as a design, but I do worry it involves too many lines, and will decrease the fluffiness of my quilt too much.  I've already decided to only quilt every other square to try to maximize loft.

Also this design is a little imperfect/wobbly looking, but I don't really care, because this quilt is so off-square already that I'm not planning on entering it in any local shows.  It's just so hard to tell how it will come out without stitching it onto the actual quilt!

A note of caution about that tulle technique:  I used a Mr. sketch marker (you know the kind with scents that little kids use?) instead of a sharpie because I don't have any wide-tipped sharpies at home, and it turns out Mr. Sketch markers are water soluable, so a lot of it transferred over to the fabric even after I tried to heat set it.  Whoops!  So, I am definitely bringing home a sharpie from work tomorrow, and when I do the real deal I'm tracing onto a scrap fabric first to make sure the design really has set.

The other design that's "winning" right now is this one:
I'm not quite sure why,  but something about it appeals.  I definitely want something with curves.

While I continue to put off figuring out a solution (let's be honest, I'm probably going to pick one at random and just GO with it!) I've been stitching away on my needlepoint.  Photos coming soon once I reach a benchmark!

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