Friday, May 18, 2012

Quilting Deadlock

Well quilting my Stairway to Cat Heaven quilt is taking way longer than necessary, mainly because I'm really stuck on how to do it right.  After quilting half the nine patches, it looks odd, so I'm going to go back and quilt the other half.  In the meantime I was quilting the starry sky, but I'm not super psyched about how it looks and I'm trying to come up with alternatives.  Maybe a relatively heavily quilted sky is okay because it will make the cats pop even more.

Right now there are just a bunch of stars in the sky.  Can you even see them? (I need tips on quilt photography if anyone has any...) Even I can't really see them in person, which is frustrating, and one reason I want to do something different.

 I'm not opposed to ripping them out, but I was also thinking I could go back and add some big meandering swirls around them.  In the meantime I'm setting this aside to do my May FMQ challenge and some other small activities.

1 comment:

  1. I can definitely see the fabric stars in the photos. Had to look again to see the quilted stars. The more dense quilting would definitely make the cats poof more. I'm thinking of the astrology patterns connecting some of the stars - like long ago travelers used to guide them for added quilting.
    Good luck with whatever you decide. Your quilt is adorable with the kitties playing in the moonlight.