Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Recap

Well it's that time of year when everybody creates a recap post, and I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

At the very start of this year, I created a list of all the projects I wanted to get done and taped it up right next to my sewing machine.

While I only crossed four items off that list, they were all full-sized quilts, so BIG items to finish up. (okay one wasn't finished, as you will see below...) For me this is great, I'm a one quilt a year kind of gal, so finishing three is awesome. I'm satisfied that I got some of the more pressing items that had been nagging at me off the list, and frankly two more items on the list, the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt and Skill Builder BOM, are both very close to being completed, so I am feeling good about those too.

Here are my four BIG finishes:

Stairway to Cat Heaven 2 (went to a fellow cat lover recuperating from a bad injury)

Veggie Quilt (went to my dad, ignore the fact that the binding isn't on yet here)

Bear Bargello (went to my brother)

Layer Cake Quilt Along (I gave this sucker away! Don't be afraid to toss projects you no longer want. Another quilter was really delighted to take this off my hands and I was delighted that it went to a home where it would be loved and off my plate!)

So whats on my list for next year?

I want to continue to cross items off my WIP list. I really prefer to only have one project in progress at a time. Things that are half done, I want to be DONE.

At the same time, these projects are usually not as fun to work on (they are WIPs for a reason). I want to have at least one "fun" project going on at a time that I can switch to. Right now my fun project, which I may not have posted about yet, is this "In from the Cold" pattern by Kate Spain (it's free!)

It's very easy to sit down, make a single coffee cup, and have a nice little accomplishment under my belt in one evening. It's also very modular so it's easy to pick up and set aside.

Finally, my main goal for 2015 is to create a photo-inspired quilt. I have multiple books on the subject and I really am looking forward to actually making something from them (finally!)

P.S. When I was looking back through my photos from this year, I found about a million cute cat photos. I volunteer with Tenth Life Cat Rescue and this year cats became an increasingly big part of my life. We have had a number of guest kitties in our home this year. So here are some shots!

This little lady is Canasta. She was a total DIVA!

Okay these aren't quilting related, but they are too funny not to share. Canasta insisted on getting into EVERYTHING! I promise, these photos are not staged. Here she is making herself at home in the fridge and in the dishwasher!

This lil dude was one of a litter of four kittens - and mom! - who stayed with us until they were big enough to live in the shelter. At the shelter, they are living in large, free-roaming cat rooms while they wait for their furever homes.

Handsome Garfield was only our guest for a week, but he left an impression! He refused to stay in the bathroom and figured out immediately how to open the sliding door, making it impossible to keep him in. He made himself right at home in my sewing area!

Sweet Rosie is our current foster, and she is immersed in sewing as she has been living in the sewing room. She is incredibly well-behaved and hasn't gotten into anything she shouldn't, although my projects are now furrier than usual.

And of course we can't forget our reigning queen quilt inspector, our resident kitty Pepper!

This year we also lost my original quilting companion, Annabelle, at 18 years of age. She was a wonderful kitty and I will miss her greatly!

Okay that's it for cat photos! Thanks for staying tuned if you made it this far and prepare for more kitties in 2015!

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