Sunday, December 15, 2013

PSA and Catvent Quilt Along

Guys, a little PSA here: Next time you are looking for quilt inspiration, visit your local library. I recently dropped by to get a new card and came home with these books:

All are recent releases, and books I have considered purchasing at one point or another. And these weren't even their whole quilting selection, these were just the small subset that interested me. AND this wasn't even the central branch, which I am sure has even more quilting books.  I also snagged some books on slipcovers, which is great as a resource because making one is on my 2014 "to do" list. Okay, PSA over.

I have also begun to participate in the "Catvent" Quilt Along occurring at Oh Fransson. It's a crib/wallhanging sized quilt of modern kitty heads, each pieced in a different manner. Unfortunately Elizabeth announced pretty much the same day as the first Celtic Solstice clue came out, so I am behind on participating. That's okay though, because each of these kitty heads goes together about 5 minutes, so I should be able to catch up relatively quickly. I am making the quilt completely from my stash and am having a lot of fun following Elizabeth's rainbow theme and trying to pick the perfect colors for each kitty head. 

It's interesting what photos can show. I thought I was doing great on my gradient, but now I suspect that an intermediary step is needed between the eggplant and royal purple heads.  Color is a passion of mine so I am really enjoying the challenge of making the colors flow through the rainbow perfectly!

When done, this quilt will be going towards a Feb fundraiser for Tenth Life Cat Rescue, an organization I have recently become involved with here in St. Louis. They focus on strays with special needs (e.g. blind, missing limbs, and so on.) I feel I have already made a lot of friends through them, as they are a bunch of incredibly compassionate people.

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