Monday, December 2, 2013

Mystery Quilt Part 1...whoops!

I was very, very excited for Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery quilt to begin. So excited, in fact, that I cut 90 triangles from the wrong color fabric. Yep.

I am using slightly different colors than Bonnie, and I didn't think before doing my cutting. Here is the color mapping:

Bonnie          Heather
Yellow  -->  Yellow/Orange
Orange -->  Pink
Green  --> Green
Blue  --> Blue

You can see the colors are pretty darn similar. The tricky bit is that I have one color of yellow/orange, whereas Bonnie has yellow and orange as two separate colors.  So when I saw 90 triangles of "orange," I just went ahead and cut out of my yellow orange. And didn't realize until I was done cutting that I should have done pink.


People who have done mystery quilts before: Should I just go ahead and flip my pinks and yellows in the quilt? (e.g. when Bonnie says orange, I will do yellow/orange, and when Bonnie says yellow, I will do pink)  Should I recut triangles in pink and hope I will find a use for the yellow triangles I already cut? My main concern here is wasting all the fabric I already cut.  

I am secretly hoping that next week Bonnie will tell us to cut 90 triangles of yellow, and then I will be able to make use of these triangles without messing with the color scheme. Fingers crossed!

You can read up on everyone else's mystery quilt progress at Quiltville.


  1. Well, you can go ahead with the neutral triangles. It's a Mystery, so surrender to the process! Have fun!

  2. You could probably use what you've cut and just switch the color placement. There's no guarantee that you'll use the same pieces in another part of the quilt.

  3. Whatever you do it will turn out great!