Thursday, October 4, 2012


Last weekend I came away from my guild's show with  a nice, small pile of treats. I would have bought far more, but actually ran out of time!

Here was the take:
 First let's talk about the teapot book.  I got it because I've been wanting to make a teapot clock based on one in my "Fast, Easy, Fun Fabric Clocks" book.  The book shows the clock but gives no pattern for it. And a book of many different teapot patterns is just what I need!

 Next, these solids. I got them for $2 each and they are all 1 yard pieces. Quite the deal, huh?  I've never made a quilt in all solids, but this is a lovely color palate that I could definitely do one of those fun "modern" designs with.
 This is a half yard.  I have no plans for this fabric, but it was so pretty that I couldn't resist it.

 This is the first jelly roll I have ever bought.  I have seen many, thought the colors were gorgeous, but been turned off by the price tag (usually $40) and the limited things that be done with them.  However, lately I have seen some pretty cool jelly roll quilt patterns.  And did you see the price tag on this in the above photo? $12! You can't go wrong!

My goodie pile was added to by the arrival today of a layer cake in the mail from Fat Quarter Shop.
 I bought this for my guild's monthly project, which is following the Moose on the Porch Quilts 2010 layer cake quilt-along. I had heard the words "layer cake" before, but assumed they were something like charm squares or jelly rolls - lovely fabrics but weird sizes.  However, this thing has 42 10"x10" squares.  Each of those squares is definitely big enough for cutting some real shapes...I think these are very versatile and there may be many more in my future.  Although, I don't really need 42 completely different fabrics.  A quilt should have repeats - too many colors makes it hard to know where to look.

Well anyways, tonight I will whip up our first block to show at the October meeting. It's always fun to get new things!

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