Monday, October 1, 2012

Cool Product: Superior Conductive Thread

I am a slowpoke at reading mail. I was just cleaning out my inbox and read about the following awesome product on the Superior Thread newsletter (which always has great tidbits):

1.  This is EXTREMELY INNOVATIVE.  Be the coolest (no, the warmest) person this winter.  You're outside. It's cold. You're wearing gloves. Or maybe it's not that cold and someone you know is golfing and wearing a golf glove. Or they are on the ski slopes.  In order to use your smart phone or iPad or tablet, you have to remove your gloves and then your hands freeze.  These devices require the static electricity in our fingertips to operate, and gloves block that. We have the solution!  Use new Superior Conductive Thread to hand stitch 'connections' on the tips of your gloves so you can use your smart phone or tablet without having to remove your gloves. As long as thread reaches from the inside finger tip area of the glove (to touch your finger) to the outside fingertip area (to touch the smart phone screen), the static electricity in your fingertip will be transported and you will be able to use your smart phone with your gloves on.  Everyone will wonder how you do that.  (You may want to carry a few bobbins of Superior Conductive Thread with you to sell to those who envy your technology.) This product is going to spark many business ideas. Golf gloves, regular gloves, and anything covering the hands can use this new idea.  Stay warm and connected. 
Superior Conductive Thread is made from soft, pliable stainless steel fibers. It is easy to use by hand stitching it into the fabric. If used in a sewing machine, know that it is not a top thread so use it either in the bobbin or couch it onto the fabric.  A single bobbin holds 10 yds. of thread which enough for many gloves. 

More Uses for Superior Conductive Thread 2.  Electric Quilting.  Our son, Todd, loves his guitars.  After many years of working together, the quilting influence rubbed off and he made his first quilt -- a guitar quilt, of course. But there is more.  His quilt lights up because he used the new Superior Conductive Thread.  View a fun video telling the story of a first time quilter and follow his steps from start to finish. 

Um....this is AWESOME!!!!!!

And no, I have not done any quilting tonight. Instead I thought about who will get what Christmas present and generally procrastinated.

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