Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Chickadee Wallhanging

I made five of these as Christmas gifts for family.  I loved how photo realistic the pattern was, and it holds a special remembrance of home for me because I spent a lot of time watching the chickadees at our cabin bird feeder, and even once spent half a day enticing them to eat seed of out my hand.

This pattern is also nice as a Christmas gift because it can basically stay up all winter.  The scene was made with ultra-hold fusible web, that is not made to be sewn over.

I really enjoyed assembling the birds.  Each was made up of ten different pieces.  It was fun to start out with ten odd-looking shapes and have them manifest into such a detailed critter!
all three birds fully assembled
All of the fusible web pieces assembled
The assembled quilt top, before quilting and scrollwork was added (by the way, that scrollwork was really painful to cut out)
  After a lot of research, I decided to machine quilt snowflakes into the background.  It was tedious but okay for such a small area.  I stitched holly leaves around the border.

quilting close-up

quilting close-up
This pattern was fun to make, but five was too many.  I'm a little burnt out on quilting for a while!

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