Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big Baby Quilt News!

 Well the baby this quilt is intended for was born this week (in my defense, a little early), so I have been spurred to action to try to get this finished asap for her.  Over Christmas I traced out the remaining animals, but since then I have only been working on my needlepoint.  This week I sat down and finished the remaining animals pretty quickly.

rhino (with little birds on their backs)
"x-ray" fish
Sorry some of these came out blurry, again I'm not that great at photography and I can't tell that they're blurry from my camera screen.  Everybody is done except "i" because I thought the "iguana" actually looked like a chameleon, so I have been attempting to redesign it.

Today I laid out all of the animals on the quilt top!  I hope to finish the iguana today and get everybody ironed in place by the end of the day.  Unfortunately this top is only halfway I need to raw edge applique around every single item on there!  My goal is to do an animal a day and finish the top in another month.  I'll do a very loose quilting stitch so the top stays fluffy and thus quilting should only take a weekend.  Hand stitching the binding should take another week.  So my goal is to have this finished by early to mid March.  We'll see how I do!

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