Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bargello Options

In my last post I discussed some options for a quilt with my newset layer cake. I decided to make the bargello, because it's so pretty and clearly not what you would anticipate being made from a layer cake. It is very small, but you can easily buy a second layer cake and just double the size of the thing if you want. I was also thinking of doing one of those round robin borders around the central bargello to expand on it.

Anyways, I have spent the day playing with colors. The trick is that this layer cake has a lot of very pale tan/light brown shades, and less pink and dark brown shades. It comes down to whether I want to stick all the tans together and have the colorway be tan/brown/pink, or split the tans in two and have the colorway be tan/brown/tan/pink. I was able to play around in photoshop with a photo of the colors lined up to approximate what the quilt would look like under each option:

Below is my original photo of the two colorway options I developed.

Here are imitation bargellos I made from that photo in photoshop:
Here is option #1: tan/brown/pink

And here is option 2: tan/brown/tan/pink

So which do you like? I am definitely stumped. I think I will have to sit on it for a few days before deciding which to use. In the meantime I can cut all 40 of these blocks into 2.5" strips!


  1. I like the first option best for the Bargello. I think the colors flow better from dark to light. This is going to be really pretty when you are done!

  2. Yes option 1. Have you made this yet?

  3. Yes option 1. Have you made this yet?