Thursday, March 7, 2013

A New Mystery Quilt!

One of my goals this year was to do some of these online group projects...quilt alongs, BOMs, etc. I didn't quite get around to it, but this week I saw that Connecting Threads was hosting a pretty straightforward Mystery Quilt Quilt Along. And it only required four fabrics, in sizes that I actually had available in my stash! It's only in 3 parts, here is part 1:

My color selection. Solids I bought for very cheap at my guild's quilt show this past summer.

Pieces for the first part all cut:

Then we were supposed to make squares. Except as you can see I made about half facing one way and half facing a different way...oops. I just assumed since it was a square it wouldn't matter what order I put the pieces together in!

And here are all the bits for part 1! I am excited and having fun. :)

On a side note, my new layer cake came in the mail! Isn't it great? "Mocha Kiss" by Timeless Treasures.

Now I am deciding what pattern to use it with. I want something complicated, not quick and easy. I found this really cool pattern, "I used to be a layer cake":
However, the finished quilt is only 41"x57". I could certainly add a border, but it would still be only something like 50x70 unless my border was HUGE. I have made a lot of lap quilts in my day and they never reach my toes when I am trying to lie under them! So I would prefer something a bit larger.

There is also this pattern:
But it would require purchasing of fabric for the background, small pinwheels, and borders, which I might be okay with.

Finally, I am looking at this one:

"Antique Etoiles" from Moda bake shop. Again, this would require purchasing a lot of additional fabric.

Thoughts? Which do you like? Any others you've used with success?


  1. your 4-patch squares are all going the same :) just grab the batch on the left and rotate counter clockwise. All fixed ;)

  2. For your layer cake, I really like the first pattern even though it is smaller that you'd like. You could use this as a table topper or throw over a chair for a bit of color. I haven't made a quilt from a layer cake, but I do really like the patterns in this book: