Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kitties! Quilts! Kitty Quilts!

Sew many fun things have been happening around here!

First off, a surprise came in the mail!

It's a quilt rack! Thanks Mom! Right now it only has two quilts on it but as the weather warms more quilts will transfer from my bed over to the rack. As you can see, my kitty quilt seriously needs to be ironed after being folded up in the closet so long! It's great to have a place to keep quilts out and about instead of hidden away when not in use. :)

I also got another treat in the mail, although I knew this one was coming...fabric!

I joined a fabric of the month club that focuses on modern prints. I wanted to join back in Jan but they were full. They finally recently reopened membership and I jumped on the chance to join.  I normally don't buy fabric without a plan, but these modern prints are out of my comfort zone, which is precisely why I wanted to join the club. 

I foresee a lot of fun modern quilts in my future with all of these fun fabrics! Every month the club focuses on a different color, and as you can see, this month was yellow.

This one is a favorite. Look at those bicycles! Too cute!

In other news, actually sewing has, believe it or not, been occurring as well.  I am finally making real progress on the embroidery on my veggie quilts (photos coming...sometime)...and was for a while focused on finishing up the bear and salmon quilt. Then, a friend got seriously injured. And folks, just a PSA here, please get health insurance. Because you never know when you will fall down the stairs and break both your legs in a freak accident. And if you don't have insurance, like my friend, you are looking at a pretty scary hospital bill. 

So I was thinking of how to help and it hit me that I have a number of nearly finished tops lying around my house and this was the perfect chance to finish one. So...remember this quilt?

It's a duplicate of my Stairway to Cat Heaven quilt. It was kind of a commission via the internet and of course the person disappeared off the face of the this got folded up for another day. But all it needed was some kitties and a border...and I had all of the fabric, including backing and batting, on hand!

Of course I didn't take any photos, but I whipped up the top in no time (with a simplified border from the one I made for myself) and tonight got is about halfway quilted.  Basting was a breeze with my awesome new quiltak gun, although I got some lumps in the batting through my own fault.

Miss kitty was all about the worst way! The other day she sat in my lap while I was sewing the borders on and kept poking her paws towards the needle..and I kept jsut about having a heart attack! Today she went out of her way to be in the way while I was trying to quilt. Here I had flipped it over to check out the back and make sure there weren't lumps forming.

You can see the part I've quilted so far. It goes very quickly when there isn't a kitty in the way.

And of course when I turned it upright to do more quilting she made herself right at home! It was at about here that I gave up for the night! I am confident that I can get this quilt finished in another week (or less!) and hopefully get it to my friend to snuggle under while she recuperates. And seriously, please get health insurance guys.

One more kitty shot to take us out: can you be mad at a face like that?

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