Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another mini update

Still playing tons of video games here! But sneaking in a little quilting here and there too. :)

I am back to being caught up on my skill builder BOM. Yay! I would like to keep it that way!

Here is the quilted machine stitches block. Like a chump, I used the wrong shade of purple thread for the quilting. I have another purple that I bought specifically to match perfectly with this fabric, and I forgot about it. Also my boyfriend pointed out to me that I didn't assemble the stitches consistently...sometimes the X is right over left and sometimes it's left over right! Oh well.  

And here is our next block. I also assembled this one a little wrong (the background strips are supposed to all go in the same direction) but I bet (hope) that once it's quilted, no one will notice.

The other quilt I am really working to complete is my bear and salmon bargello. Here are all the salmon laid out.

I was originally going to crowd them a bit more, like in the upper photo. I would make a few more salmon for that upper right corner. Then I thought, "you know, I worked really hard on this bargello and I don't want to hide the whole thing under fish!" So now they are all spaced out as in the photo below. I think it looks a little less realistic though, a little too perfectly spaced out. So what do you think? Top photo or bottom photo?

The cute grizzly bears have been made and I have figured out where each will go. I am hoping to get them all attached today or tomorrow.

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