Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quilts and Balloons

I wanted to share some quilty-related photos with you.  Yesterday was a big balloon race in St. Louis, and Friday evening was the balloon "glow."  It was a very fun event and we were actually able to walk to it due to the wonderfully central location of our apartment. Like a chump I forgot a camera so you have to put up with lame iphone photos...

This is the sight that greeted us when we arrived. We estimate there were about 40 balloons there. You could walk right up to each basket and talk to the pilot. They were even handing out trading cards for each balloon. You can see even from this picture that many of the balloons had lovely patchwork designs.

Every ten to fifteen minutes a train horn would blow, and everyone would light their balloons at once. I thought the design of that one on the left was quite pretty.

Here's one that almost looks bargello!

This is not a good picture, but I wanted to share it because this was our favorite balloon. It had lovely chevrons and a great color scheme.

This one was called "Patches" (as I learned from its trading card) and was intentionally designed to be scrappy. Pretty cool!

There were many more beautiful balloons, but my battery died. Now my boyfriend thinks I should make a hot air balloon quilt.  If you're ever looking for quilts of a particular flavor, pinterest is a great place to start. I did a quick search for hot air balloon quilts and here are some standouts:

This quilt is by Cathy Arney and is based off the big hot air balloon race in NM each!

This is by Laurraine Yuyama. Doesn't it look like a painting?

Okay so pinterest is a black hole so I'm going to stop myself there before I spend all day staring at amazing quilts instead of working on my own.

Sunday is my sewing day, so today I plan on getting a lot done. It is also chore day so I am going to intersperse sewing with housecleaning (yippee!) I always get lots of sewing help from this one:
"What, you want to use this cutting board?"

Yes, that fabric under her bum is stuff that I *was* attempting to cut. Okay progress on the veggie quilt will be posted tonight!

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  1. You think that's a cutting board??? it's really a Feline Napping Platform, you silly human.