Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fun With Illustrator

Last night I went a little crazy in Illustrator and made about a million veggie designs.  If you recall, we previously left off here:

Here's how I was feeling:

  1. The edges look too plain given the complexity of the center pinwheels
  2. My eye goes to the pinwheels instead of the vegetables

So I set about fixing these issues.  First I tackled the edges by looking back at "Stunning Angleplay Quilts."  Here's where it took me:

I thought the triangles did a good job of enhancing the design, but were still not meeting the pinwheels in intensity. So I tried this:

 Much more fun! Now the quilt feels a bit more balanced. However, the veggies seem like an afterthought. Then, and I'm not sure why I didn't realize this before, I figured the veggies need a nice dark background.

Looking better! Now the veggies feel more like they fit, but they blend in too much with the pinwheels.

Pale pinwheel backgrounds! Then I spend about a million years trying to figure out how to color the pinwheels...

Okay so things got a little wild and crazy in that last one so I reverted back to the edge triangles that were monochromatic.

Okay still too crazy and I want to make the veggies more prominent, so I switched to a simpler edge design.

Okay still struggling with the pinwheels here! This is just a sampling of the many I've tried, once I realized that I should start saving each iteration in case I wanted to go back.

So that's about where I am. I still cannot decide about the pinwheels, so I think the next step is to calculate some fabric requirements and figure out the pinwheels once I have real fabric to test with.  More updates soon!

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