Monday, June 10, 2013

Finally, a Finish!

Okay, this wholecloth quilt is DONE. Phew! This was a charity quilt for my guild that I picked up literally a full year ago. I quilted it part way, then lost steam and interest. I have only gotten back around to it because I am moving and have to get this thing done so I can return it to the guild.

This quilt is so big I couldn't actually hold it all up at once. It is probably the largest thing I have machine quilted to date. I did enjoy picking quilting designs that worked with the pattern.

However, this was a lot of hours to put in to a quilt that I'm not going to keep. I really think I need to second-guess myself before picking up random charity projects at the guild. At least it's done! I now have one more project that I really really need to finish before my move, and I am planning to tackle that this week. Then, no more quilting for two months! Instead I am hoping to work on my needlepoint, which is more portable.

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