Friday, June 14, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust!

Woohoo!! I have finally finished this BOM project - just in time (barely) for next week's guild meeting.

I started this for my guild's BOM, which I am in charge of organizing/running. It is a BOM that is to be made with a layer cake. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that you really need a single color unifying your quilt, and you can't just make it with a bazillion different fabrics.

I noticed this as I looked up many patterns recently for precuts - almost all require some yardage in addition to the precuts so you have one overarching/unifying color in addition to your jelly roll/layer cake/FQ bundle.

Once I laid this quilt out, I was actually pleasantly surprised with how it looked. I think the purple I chose actually did a good job of toning the whole thing down a bit. I was going to give it to my guild but now I'm considering hanging onto it as a potential future baby quilt, last-minute gift, etc.

If you look closely (which you can't because that photo came out really blurry - sorry) you'll notice that all of my points are cut off. The squares were supposed to be 12.5" but one of my was only 12" (my fault or the instructions' fault, I am not sure but I hope was mine or everyone in my guild will have a wonky square!) so I ended up trimming all of the blocks down to 12," which meant a lot of cropped points. That's okay though! I quilt for fun and if I beat myself up over all these errors I would never enjoy my sewing time.

Pepper likes the quilt too.

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