Friday, September 7, 2012

Clock is Done!

Today my extra large clock hands came in the mail, allowing me to officially complete this project!

It's been fun, quick, and satisfying. My mom just completed a quick small project as well, and we agreed that you need one of those every once in a while just to pump you up. I'm so proud of my clock!

When I posted last I had just started quilting. Here's a shot of the front and back post-quilting.

 I was generally laid back about the quilting. It's wobbly and not very uniform, but still hopefully enhances the design.  I just tied all my loose ends off on the back because I was too lazy to bury them. You have to pick your battles.

Then came the scariest part: make the hole for the clockwork. I measured and marked the center multiple times before making this slice!

Here it is with the clockwork sticking through. Then you attach the hands and you are good to go!

Here is the finished clock outside.

And here it is on the wall! Doesn't look completely centered, but neither is the tv so it was hard to know which to center it based on.

Unfortunately those extra large hands only came in black.  I would say they are clearly going to need to be painted some other color because they are super hard to see. But for now I am just enjoying having the clock on the wall and listening to it tick.

Having completed this, I have a couple of thoughts and reflections about this project:

  • This test clock has definitely proven that these will make great Christmas presents. It was quick, fun to make, and is really useful as a gift. Also the clock mechanism is very reasonable, around $10. The only challenge might be mailing it intact since the hands are really flimsy and might get bent out of shape.
  • You can do just about anything with a fabric clock. I bought another clock mechanism with a pendulum so I can do a fun shape and incorporate that. The possibilities are really endless with this, a Mariner's compass is just the starting point! I'm excited to explore other fun clock ideas. One example in the book "Fast, Fun, and Easy Creative Fabric Clocks" is a clock in the shape of a teapot, pouring out tea. The pendulum is a stream of tea and the pendulum end is a teacup! I really want to try one like that :)
  • I really should have looked at the finished pattern size before I started (duh). This clock ended up being way bigger than I anticipated. I wanted to actually put numbers on it but it was so big already there's no room to add another ring. So big it's actually kind of flopping over on the wall (you can see the shadow in that picture) and might need extra reinforcement.
I'm really glad I made this awesome clock and I hope this encourages you to try one too! :)


  1. I can't believe you made a clock! It's amazing! Such a neat project! They would make great gifts. Such a great idea. You did a really great job!