Monday, September 24, 2012

100 Day Hustle

Kelsey sews has created a linky party to help us all finish off our sewing projects for 2012 in the 100 98 days remaining. We list off everything we want to make, and post on our progress.

Kelsey Sews

And yes, I am posting right now to procrastinate on sewing >_<

Here is my list for the rest of this year:

  1. Monthly guild project. I am the monthly project coordinator so I need to make up a sample for each month's project. In fact, I need to do this ASAP because I can only go to meetings every other month so I should probably show the October and November samples at the October meeting. Shoot, didn't realize that deadline was so soon until I typed this! Where has September gone??
  2. Finish off this evil jacket. It can be done, once I get past the hard part that I am stuck on.
  3. Finish this charity wholecloth quilt that was due back in July. Oops.
  4. Christmas presents...ack.  I should be starting these around now but there's just no time, they will have to be pushed back a month. I do a set of presents for family, for friends, and for co-workers. I have plans for most of these, I just need to get my act together and create them.
  5. And if time allows (it won't) I need to make a baby quilt for a coworker.
So that was sufficiently alarming. I'm a little terrified right now. Most of these are kind of hard deadlines...can't miss Christmas!

Okay, guess that means I should spend some hours tonight on getting this jacket out of the way...

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  1. Making Christmas presents is fun though!! Can't wait to see what you make. Thanks for joining in :)