Sunday, July 22, 2012

Denali Quilt Inspirations

Today I did a lot of fun machine embroidery on my landscape quilt to start to flesh out its features.  Since this is my first landscape quilt, it's hard for me to feel really confident in knowing how to stitch certain areas.  For inspiration and ideas, I've been referring to two different quilts I saw on my visit to Denali.

The first was created by Linda Beach in 2005 as part of Denali's artist in residence program.  Through this program different artists stay in the park for a few weeks and create a piece of artwork inspired by their stay.  It was pretty cool to see one of these be a quilt, and a gorgeous one at that!
I would love to have the piecing skill to make something like this.  The photo doesn't do justice to how striking the blues of the streams were.  You can learn more about it here.

The second quilt, even more impressive, is the centerpiece of the Eielson Visitors Center in the middle of the park.
The full piece

Check out the quilting!

More awesome quilting

A display board showing the different techniques used to make this
This was made especially for the new visitor's center by Ree Nacarrow, who has a great webpage giving the story behind it.  The most amazing fact?  Every piece of fabric in that quilt began as plain white cotton, and she hand painted, dyed, and stamped ALL of it! WOW!

Anyways, I've been staring at these a lot to figure out how I'm supposed to quilt things like streams and mountains.  Now time to stop procrastinating and get back to stitching!

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