Friday, March 30, 2012

Quilt Finished and "Why Quilts Matter"

Here's the finished Animal Alphabet quilt:

It has already reached it's new home! As a reminder, this pattern is from Don't Look Now:

I'm now working on needlepoint for a few weeks before I start on my next project.

In other news, I just finished watching the documentary miniseries "Why Quilts Matter" on  And frankly I was incredibly disappointed!  I don't consider myself a "traditional" quilter per se, I am really interested in art quilts and can't wait to try making some myself, but this show was WAY too focused on quilts as a monetary piece of "art" that can be bought or sold.  I mean, there was an entire episode about appraising quilts!  The host isn't even a quilter, she's a "collecter."  I felt like the show rather disparaged traditional quilters (like basically poo-pooing anyone who had negative things to say about the Gee's Bend quilts-also I swear they found a way to mention Gee's Bend in every single episode.  There are other art quilters out there too!).  Basically I felt like it only focused on a sub-set of the quilting community (no, we don't all sell our quilts, and there's plenty of innovation going on within the people who still make quilts to go on beds!) and made it sound like all other quilters are backwards "crafters" who don't really deserve a second thought.

The only episode I liked was episode 8 ("Quilt Nation") because it was the only one that actually talked about quilters.  The rest were seriously focused on collectors and quilts that are bought and sold in galleries and museums.  Anyways, I'm sure many people loved this series, but I wasn't interested in the topics it covered and felt like it had some pretty strong opinions on what was right or wrong, what kind of quilt was "good" or "bad."  I think what is good or bad is all in the eye of the quilter that makes that quilt, and I don't really have an interest in other people judging whether my quilts are "worthy" or not.  I guess, according to one guy in this series, I'm a "Sunday painter." (yes, I'm miffed).

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous quilt, and such a lot of work. Well done!
    Barb at Mountain Quiltworks