Sunday, October 9, 2011

Newest Project: ABC Animal Quilt

Now that I have my new workspace, I finally get to sit back and decide which project to delve into.

On my to-do list:  Some hemming projects, placemats, and of course quilting my cat quilt.  But I decided to start out with something fun, just to get back in the hang of sewing.  I absolutely adore all of the patterns by Don't Look Now Quilts.  A friend of mine is having a baby, so in my excitement I ordered this pattern.  I really love fusible web applique projects and have done two quilts with this technique.  I am comfortable with it and find it enjoyable to do.  Additionally, this quilt allows me to use my most fun and crazy fabrics, and can be completed almost exclusively with scraps.  It's also a bit of "instant gratification" because I can complete a finished letter set in about an hour and feel very accomplished.  So I just decided to sit down and get started.
A-Alligator.  All of these blocks will be appliqued with additional details like, in this instance, eyeballs and smiles

B-Butterfly.  I am intentionally trying to use whichever fabric I use for the letters in the critter as well for some continuity.
D-Dinosaur.  You may note I skipped C (chicken) because I love crazy colors so much that I don't own any brown, tan, or beige fabrics.  Whoops!  For the dinos, I actually have an awesome dino fabric (used for the letters) that I wanted to incorporate. I decided it was too strange to use the dino fabric on the dino bodies, so it's in the letters and their spikes.  However, the cut is so small I'm not sure you get the fact that it's a dino fabric.
I took another shot on a darkers background so you can see their teeth and spikes better.

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