Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cat Wallhanging

I recently visited the Pacific International Quilt Festival, and bought up tons of great patterns and fabrics.  Now that I'm home and the high is wearing off, I'm wishing I had been less frugal and had spent even more!  Especially on cool fabrics, because lately I've been very disappointed with the selection at my local quilt shop.  One stand at the festival sold "fat sixteenth" bundles of batiks.  Fat sixteenths are tiny but perfect for all of my scrappy projects, including the current animal alphabet quilt.  I bought three bundles of eight fabrics, and which I had bought even more.  They all contained lovely batiks in all kinds of interesting shades, perfect for so many projects!  I will have to get into the field of online fabric shopping if I continue to be disappointed by my local store.

In other news, it is far past time to start on Christmas presents!  I'm still lacking an idea for the perfect present, and then there's the challenge of who gets a present.  This year I have four circles: immediate family (they don't usually get sewn presents), close family (I am trying for things that can be used year-round as opposed to Christmas centric), friends, and co-workers.  I have some ideas for my friends and co-workers, I am still not sure what to do for close family members.  I want something nice, but nice things take a long time to make!

Anyways, at the quilt festival one of the patterns I bought was for this cute wallhanging.  I whipped it up in just a few days.  The final wallhanging came out a little crooked, probably because I made it so rapidly.  I also didn't do any free motion stitching on it, aside from blanket stitching the outlines.  I would like to do more free motion on projects but never know what designs to do.  Really I need a book of just free motion ideas.

The wallhanging pattern came with the cute cat-shaped hanger and the fish buttons for embellishment.

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