Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kitty Kennel Quilt

What's that? A new post? Yes, a new post! Friends, now that all of my quilting photos are at my blogging fingertips, I can blog whenever I'm bored without jumping through a million steps to get my photos! Woohoo!

Today I wanted to share a fun small quilt I made in February. You may have seen Bernina's "Quilts for Furry Friends" Contest. I got dreams in my head of winning it big and I made a quilt to enter into it!

You had to submit a photo with your pet on the quilt, and yes, I am aware, you can't see much of the quilt here. But isn't the cat pretty?

The pattern is from Make Modern Issue 5. It's a cute paper pieced kitty. Oh, I have a pro tip for you. As previously mentioned, once I used freezer paper for paper piecing, I was hooked. I wanted to use freezer paper for this one. And conveniently, I have a stash of "quilter's freezer paper" that I bought for my applique class last October.
This freezer paper is thinner than the storebought kind and comes in printer sheets. At first I thought that was dumb because I'd rather have a big roll, but now I see the advantage. You see, I was able to successfully print out the pattern onto my freezer paper sheets!

You might be wondering why this is a big deal. They are made to be printed on! The reason is that I have a laserjet printer, and everything online says DO NOT PUT THESE THROUGH YOUR LASERJET PRINTER!! Well, guess what? I did, and the world did not end, and they worked great! Woohoo! Look at all those pretty pieces!

This came together quickly and it was fun to dig through all my orange scraps while making it.

It was just the right size for quick and easy quilting. I did angular echo quilting around the inner pieces and my favorite, spirals, in the background.

No word on whether I've won yet (odds are slim), but I enjoyed the process either way. :)

And now, here are a ton of outtakes of my cat on the quilt.

Oh, I forgot the best part - I donated it to Tenth Life for their annual trivia night, and my good friend Pat won it in the raffle! I am actually making a cat quilt for Pat - more on that in a future post!

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  1. I am so glad that a good friend of yours won this cute quilt. Pepper must have been sorry to see it go.