Monday, February 1, 2016

Allietare Final Link Up!

Ack, it's time for the link up!! This is a quickie post to show off my finished Allietare top!

It was a very fun process this year and I was especially pleased that I kept up with the clues each week! I only fell behind on the week of Christmas, and I caught back up the next week.

My four patches were relatively decent...I think I get better and better at the precision piecing every year. Bonnie's quilts provide good practice!

 I used wonder clips to keep things in stacks of ten...helped me greatly in keeping track of what I'd made without harming the fabric.

Even though I worked hard to keep up, I also went slow and steady and really enjoyed the process. It was a very satisfying experience.

Here are all the pieces laid out for final assembly.

Immediately after I took the photo my kitty frolicked on them and intentionally messed them all up...that's her favorite activity!'s the finished quilt top!

Getting quilt photos is quite an ordeal because I'm usually too small to hold them up on my own. So I've taken to hanging them off the porch but apparently the shadows were in the way so I had to squish in beside this tree to get a nice sunny spot.

Oh, and it was windy!

So, that's the best in photos that I've got for now.

Please go check out everyone else's quilts at Bonnie's blog - it is truly the best part of each mystery to see everyone's finished project!

Winter Mysteryallietarelogo1sm.jpg 2015 - Allietare!


  1. Love your vibrant version. It's fantastic and one of the nicest I've seen. 😄

  2. It is beautiful! Love your colour scheme.

  3. Love your colours, it has come together beautifully!

  4. Love, love, love it! Are you in St Louis? So am I.