Monday, December 7, 2015

Allietare Link Up Week 2

Alright, it's now Week 2 of Bonnie's Allietare Mystery quilt!

Winter Mystery 2015 - Allietare!

I'm really happy so far this year because I've actually managed to keep up! Last year I think week three was where I fell off the wagon - that one clue took me around a month. I hoping to stay on track this year.

So here's where I started:

I'm hoping the teal will give it a fun modern pop.

Here are my clue one colors in more details:

I'm not using a constant for the grey because I'm trying to use as much fabric that I already own as possible, and all of my greys are so similar that I think they will read as constant. Now you might see a purpley white in there, I haven't actually used it yet, I think I only will if I run out of all the other whites since I think it stands out too much.

For week 1 I was out of town for Thanksgiving. Here was my makeshift cutting area:

It's actually way better than my normal cutting area. The shelf is at perfect cutting height and it had these great bright lights right above it! (It was a little cluttered though).

Here's my week 1:

I have a fun story about these. For a lot of the week 1 whites, I was able to use leftover binding strips from my Celtic Solstice quilt! I bound that in a pretty sparkly white and I had a good amount of 2" binding strip left over - perfect for this use! I'm happy we are using 2" strips for everything this year because it enables greater use of scraps than last year's 2.5" size did.

Week 2: I went step-by step here, very methodical. :)

First, trapezoids!

Next, triangles!

Flying Geese - sort of!

White pieces! The circled one bothered me. I actually took this photo to look at it through the viewfinder and see if it still stood out as much. I think it blends it ok but it was really bothering me so I went ahead and got rid of it. Go with your gut!

And then I made the mistake of cutting 98 grey squares instead of black.

That's more like it!

All done! Phew!

Now go see what everyone else is doing over at Quiltville! (hint: this sentence is a link! Click it!)


  1. Hi Heather, I like your commentary. I cut out grey squares in Part 1 before I realized I needed 2" strips for the Easy Angle ruler method...Luckily I am now able to use those squares for an upcoming Part? . Hopefully you will be lucky too. I haven't posted my linky yet but soon I hope to. This is my first mystery quilt and I am loving it. All your colors are looking great!

    1. Thank you! I feel like it's not a true mystery quilt if you don't mess up somewhere...hopefully this will be my one mistake for this quilt but I bet there will be more!

  2. Lovely selection of fabrics. Your units look very happy!

    1. Thank you! I've been happy making them :)

  3. Very pretty fabrics & thanks for all your posted pictures

    1. Thank you! I normally am really bad about remembering to take photos as I go but for the mysteries I always take more because I know there will be a linky party each week!

  4. Lovely progress. Wonderful progress.

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I keep up this progress as the clues go on and don't fall behind...we shall see!