Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time for some Truth Tea

Okay guys, its Molli Sparkles TM Truth Tea time!

Molli Sparkles

I started quilting my Michael Miller challenge quilt, and I think my quilting is pretty darn bad. I am really frustrated with how it looks. It's not done, but I stopped because it was looking so bad. The goal was to fill all of it with the echoing lines. 

Do I rip it out, or soldier on?

I was trying to be all "modern" by doing lines. But lines are not my thing. Look at all that puckering. And the world's worst spiral. Sigh.

OH to make it worse I left white thread in the bobbin. On a black background.


So on the "don't bother ripping it out" side, we have the fact that this is just a challenge project, made almost entirely with free fabric, that I wasn't intending to keep anyways. I was going to try to post it on etsy but with this quilting I would donate it to the cat rescue for a fundraiser instead. 
We also have the fact that ripping it out would take forever. 

On the "definitely rip it out" side, we have that it looks pretty darn awful and I am frustrated because I really liked my top and now it looks like crap.

On the one positive note that I have to share, I like how my thread painted kitty turned out. This guy would be unaffected by said potential seam ripping.

PLEASE weigh in. I would appreciate any and all advice.

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