Saturday, May 17, 2014

Finally, A Finish!

I have been composing blog posts as I lie in bed at night, but somehow never sitting down to write them. This finish is a number of weeks old, but at least it's finally done! And at least I'm finally posting about it!

This is the Stairway to Cat Heaven 2. I stopped work on it well over a year ago. It was crazy to pull it out and see just how close I had come to finishing. I already had all the fabric, including batting, backing, and binding. All I needed to do was throw on the borders and stitch it up. I left the photo uncropped so you can see Pepper in the corner admiring it :)

It's interesting how different cameras can distort colors in different ways. I took these with the fancy camera and somehow the quilt came out looking really drab. I promise, the blues are not that gray! Below is the backing, showing some of my quilting swirls. I saw this fabric in the store and instantly knew it was what I needed for the quilt. Despite what the photo implies, it's actually black kitties on a black background.

For the border, I stitched interconnected stars.

All of the quilting is a more simplified version of the quilting I did on my last version of this quilt, because I wanted to get this out the door. These are those loops that are supposed to form circles if done right...obviously I didn't.

Here's a shot of the sky. I just did big swirls all over it. I have to say, I love quilting swirls! I think I'm pretty good at them and they fill the space quickly while looking good at the same time.

For the inner border I just did little loops.

I already gave the quilt to my friend so it can keep her comfy while she recovers from her injuries. She is a real lesson in positivity. Every day I read her inspirational and motivational facebook posts to perk myself up.

And to finish, here's a cute picture of Pepper sitting in my fabric box. I've been buying a lot of modern fabrics lately, so I am overgrowing my current boxes. I will have to do some reorganizing to get everything to fit!

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