Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wishing I Were Quilting

Thanks to all for your advice on my mom's quilt! She has already sewed together many units so she is thinking of either continuing so the whole thing is shrunk by the same amount, or ripping the whole thing apart and doing raw edge applique like everyone suggested. She is going to ponder it for a few days.

All of my quilting stuff is packed up and now that I am finally finding myself with some staycation time I am really wishing I had a project to work on! I am very jealous reading so many quilting blogs and thinking of the projects I would like to be doing.

Before I packed up my quilting supplies, my last act was to sort all of the scraps I have been hoarding.  What started as this:

...Eventually turned into this!

I followed the method suggested in this Martingale blog post (if you don't subscribe to their "Stitch This!" newsletter, you should!) that recommends sorting scraps based on width instead of color. So I cut all of my scraps into the widest width possible (didn't worry about length) and stuffed them all into separate baggies.

While I can't quilt anymore, I have been toodling around organizing all of the free patterns I have downloaded onto my computer and dreaming about projects. I am really ready for my next landscape art quilt! I recently procured an extensive clipart collection that I would like to use for elements of the landscape quilts, however I'm not sure about the rules on them. It is a "MasterClips" collection from the late 90's. I looked on the packaging and couldn't find any usage info, I believe since they are a purchased collection I should be able to use them in whatever I want (but probably wouldn't be able to sell a pattern based on one of their cliparts? What do you think?) These copyright and fair use rules always confuse me and I do want to make sure to do the right thing.

I also have a needlepoint to work on that I am really quite far behind schedule with so I suppose I should go start stitching on that now!

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