Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teeny Progress

All I've done lately is the March BOM block as a sample for my guild, from the Moose on the Porch Quilts 2010 layer cake BOM.  This block had in my opinion pretty awful instructions, so I spent a long time puzzling over how to make the block and trying to rewrite instructions that are simple but will still come out with a correct block. This was not a good layer cake for a BOM because of all the many directional fabrics, which make my errors REALLY obvious. Oh well.

 I decided my next project will be knocking out the rest of these BOM blocks. I have done 6 (although one got lost in the mail...) so only 6 left. I decided to prevent being stuck with a really awful color combination on the last block, I would take my colors and divide them into six rough groupings now.
 Above are the fabrics all laid out in color order, below are my rough groupings. I am still not completely satisfied with the dark blue, yellow, and orange block. I am honestly not finding any colors that I think completely go with that mustard yellow. It goes okay with the purple, but the green and orange look so much better with the purple. That yellow just doesnt go particularly *great* with anything as far as I can tell! Oh well.

Last night was my quilt guild meeting. Our speaker was Mr. Quilt, Don Linn. I enjoyed his presonality greatly, what a fun guy! He wasn't afraid to speak his mind. :) I was also impressed because it turns out that in addition to quilting he excels at woodworking, carving, metalwork, you name it!

Anyways, we have a freebie table at every meeting and this time somebody left a ton of quilting magazines that were actually pretty recent. I am definitely a fan of quiltmaker for it's focus on patterns that I actually want to make, and when I saw this pattern I jumped for joy.
 I have seen it on pinterest and it is just adorable! But I when I got home with the magazine I saw the following:
Part 1 of 2!!! Those tricksters!!!  So now at the next meeting I will have to scour the place for the Jan/Feb '12 issue of Quiltmaker so I can get the second half of this completely adorable pattern!

That's about it for now. Every time I sit to sew the kitty tries her best to distract me. These blocks are quick and easy so I think a very modest goal is one per week (if I can't make that than it will be pretty embarrassing!)

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