Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tree wallhanging top finished

Yesterday I finished sewing together the top to my little Christmas wallhanging. Here it is!
 So many pieces! So fun! This had a ton of tiny pieces and was the most complex paper piecing I've ever done, but I totally loved it. My workspace had a cute mini cutting board, mini ironing board, and mini iron, all to make this mini wallhanging! It still needs all kinds of fun embellishments; I will get to those soon.

The white I chose for the background was quite busy, but I just loved that fabric. When it came time to do the borders, I auditioned a bunch for that inner border.  Here are all the combos I tried:

Stands out well, but this fabric wasn't actually used in the piece

I love this fabric but have yet to figure out how to use it in anything.


final combo

Now for the un-fun part: taking off all these teeny bits of tissue paper! I have some super pointy tweezers that I use.
Sooo much tissue paper!
 I'm especially proud of the cute little train. Here's a chapstick to show you how small the train is! It even has a little smokestack on the engine!

And here I sketched out a little plan for quilting the border. The squiggly lines will actually be holly leaves; they are very easy to stitch and don't require any traveling.

In the meantime I'm getting excited about my second Stairway to Cat Heaven quit.  Here are all my fabrics laid out. Yum!

For the past two days I've been washing them all in the sink because I'm too lazy to sew the raw edges to put into the wash.  Here's the worst offender, it had to be washed twice!
That water was like black!

And then my entire bathroom was taken over by fabric.  This picture doesn't even encompass all of the fabric that was in there, the door was blocking part of it and you can't see the ones hanging in the shower.
I'm getting pumped about this next project!

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