Monday, November 19, 2012

Small Updates

Now that I'm done with Christmas projects, I'm returning to UFOs and trying to wrap up all existing projects by the end of the new year, and before I get too ambitious and start on something else.  I am kind of waiting for the new year to start on new projects because I hope to join some BOMs for 2013.

Today I tried to start quilting my owl wallhanging (the one I was hoping to do for Halloween? Oh, yeah....).  I am having a big problem with my stitches skipping.  I rethreaded the machine and it's still not working.  Check out the wing on the owl below.

I realized I haven't switched out the needle so I will try that next.  I think the problem has to do with the fusible web making it really stiff and hard to punch through.  I can't remember if I used the Heat n Bond lite or Heat n Bond ultra hold since I made this a while ago...hopefully it was the lite.  Anyways, this setback is a bummer because I wanted to knock this out tonight.  I think I will move onto some other areas of the wallhanging and then come back to the owls.

Anyways, my other finish is the December block for my guild's BOM:

My three colors

The finished block.  It's supposed to be a basket but if you turn it upside down it makes a good house.
If you zoom in on that pic you will see that my seams are horribly off - somehow the middle portion is like a half inch wider than the top and bottom portions.  Oh well.  Piecing does not appear to be my strong suit.  I decided to make this BOM a "quilt as you go" which I have never done before, but never a better time to try!

And in final news, I bought Melinda Bula's book "Cutting Garden Quilts."
I really want to make a quilt like hers.  This book is amazing.  Unfortunately it requires having a million shades of each color so you can get it just stash is nowhere near ready for a challenge like that.  Anyone know of a good place to buy fabric scraps or small pieces in batik shades?  I wanted to do a wallhanging yesterday that required a bunch of shades of green and I only had like two.  And I need like a charm square or less of each shade. So that project is on hold.  I am planning a black Friday trip to Joanns to load up on stuff...25% off your entire purchase before noon!

Okay that's all for now.  I am going to tackle that wallhanging again soon.

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