Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Few UFO Finishes

It was very timely last week that shortly after my post listing all of my UFO's, Leah Day decided to start a UFO Sunday linky party! Perfect!

I devoted the past week to finishing up two UFO projects: binding my placemats and attaching hanging sleeves to my quilts that will be in my guild's show.  Binding the placemats was actually really easy, and now they look so good!
 These placemats are reversible, and I bought the fabric to match my dishes, which are red, black, and white.  I bought the fabric probably 10 months ago, and finally got around to cutting it early in 2012. I have been gradually making these as FMQ practice swatches, so there are still three more to be made, but these three had been finished since at least June and had never been bound.  We were actually eating on them with the batting sticking out, which is just silly.
I think this project became a UFO because it just wasn't as glamorous as other things I wanted to work on. I also didn't really know how to use store-bought binding and got very confused (quilt binding? single fold? double fold? extra wide?) and bought a few incorrect bindings before I figured out what type I was actually supposed to buy.

The other project I finished this week was making hanging sleeves for three different quilts.  I was dreading this because I didn't know how to do it, but it ended up being laughably easy.

I bought broadcloth for the hanging sleeve fabric because I didn't want to waste any good quilting fabric on it. However, it really likes pucker when I stitch it.  Dunno if it's a tension issue, or just the cheap fabric.
Look at all that puckering!
Anyways, below is a shot of one of the quilts with it's sleeve.  Sleeves are not very exciting, so I am only posting a photo of one.  :)
Now, to reward myself for working on all of these rather dull projects all week, I am doing a fun project!  I will finally start on the Mariner's Compass wall clock that I have been wanting to create for a while. Then once that is completed I will try to tackle another UFO.

UFO's and Projects in Progress:

  • FMQ Challenge: Still need to do January, July, and August
  • Quilted Jacket
  • Charity quilt

Upcoming Projects:
  • Quilted clock - starting now! Woo!
  • Beach bag
  • "O is for Owl" Wallhanging
  • Quilters Wallet


  1. You have been a busy bee for sure. The placemats are really nice. I love the fabrics.

  2. Love the idea of making placemats from your fmq practice pieces. I am so going to do that.

  3. I had to laugh at the idea of eating off of place mats with the binding poking out - that sounds like something I would do! They really turned out nicely!