Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corn Cocoon

My latest project made it to it's new home, so now I can blog about it.

I am very used to doing large, complex projects.  I don't usually whip up small things.  So it always comes as a pleasant surprise how fast some of these projects come together if you put your mind together.

While at my LQS I noticed a pattern for a "corn cocoon." As someone who microwaves corn on the cob regularly (think I'll go make some now while it's on my mind...) it seemed like a pretty great idea.  Normally I wrap my corn in a wet paper towel, but that's a lot of waste.

This little thing was made up in about an hour, quick and easy.  It also was a perfect use for some of the leftover fabric from my "fresh and tasty" fat quarter bundle.  And then I had the satisfaction of sending it off as a gift!

The only tricky thing with this guy was making sure everything in it was 100% cotton.  This was easily accomplished with all but the batting.  Once I had finished it I tossed it into the microwave for a test run.  I had no corn on hand so put it in empty. A minute later, a quarter sized area had browned and was smoking...eek!

Burnt portion by that lower right S
For the second test run I actually put a piece of corn in it, and the moisture from the corn kept the heat from getting out of hand.  This was a fun little project, it's always nice to finish something and feel accomplished, even if it's a small item.

In other news, I opened my mail yesterday to find my "Men Behind the Quilts" calendar.

 It's TOO CUTE.  In addition to photos of guys and quilts, each month has a little bio about the man and a description of the quilt!  To my boyfriend's dismay, this is now hanging in the living room.  I'm even thinking about ordering a few more copies for friends.  Get your own here.  This is a great marketing tool because it really makes me want to go to Sisters, Oregon, not just for the quilt show but for the scenery!

This morning I had a quilting class so I am now off to do my "homework" before our next class on Thursday.

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