Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have a problem where I sit around and stare mindlessly at my computer instead of starting a new project.  When it would be so easy!  So today I finally took the first step in making placemats, which I bought the fabric for over six months ago.
They will just be one single piece, with that red/black on front and the blue on the back so they are "reversible."

But seriously, cutting that out took like half an hour! Why didn't I spend that half hour six months ago?  I've got a lot of other small projects on my to-do list as well, so small that I don't even list them. (Little applique sampler wallhanging, a quilted wallet, pyjama pants...) If I just sat down I could probably do each of these things in an afternoon.  I need to hop to it!

Also, speaking of small projects, I just checked out "Stash Happy Patchwork" by Cynthia Shaffer from my local library.  It's got a ton of adorable scrappy projects, including a cactus pincushion, panda bolster pillow, nesting bowls, etc.  So maybe one of these days I will force myself sit down and sew one of those.

Speaking of sewing (like those transitions?) I've signed up for 4 upcoming classes at my local quilt shop, which is a rarity for me.  The first, next week, is a class where each month they do a different fun and small project to teach new techniques.  We're doing fusible web applique, which I'm a star at, but it will be fun to work in a group setting and meet fun people.  Plus, the class is free!

Next I'm taking a "cat bag" class in May.  Remember those "garden patch cats?" An enterprising individual at our local shop figured out how to incorporate them as panels in tote bags.  AND since the local county is banning plastic bags, this class is also free, as a "public service."

Okay, now for classes that actually cost money!  I am taking two embellishment classes in June and July.  I am pretty excited for these because I don't know the first thing about embellishment, and I am really eager to learn!

So anyways, this post was clearly another form of procrastination, so I should get back to prepping those placemats now.


  1. So glad you rolled up those sleeves and got started on your placemat project! It's amazing the mental hurdles we place in front of ourselves, isn't it? The colors you've chosen will be very pretty on either side. :)

  2. Procrastination - that's my middle name sometimes! I'm fine if I just dig in and start something, but it's the deciding what to start that gets me every time. Sounds like you'll be having a lot of sewing time ahead with those classes - enjoy!

  3. I guess all of us are procrasternators (did I spell that right?). I sit around in my sewing room looking at all that fabic I have and waiting for it to tell me what it want to be. Sometimes the fabric does talk to me or I am just going quilt crazy.

  4. Oh my! At least now with all those classes you will have a reason to procrastinate the other things!!!