Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I don't think I've ever quit a project before, but I'm quitting one now.  I've had this parrot needlepoint for five years and have been working on it pretty much that entire time.  It started well but then I decided to add in sparkly thread, which it turns out is tedious and difficult and to sew with.  Then once I finally slogged through most of the sparkly stuff I needed to work on background plants, which I wanted to do in unconventional stitches.

The screwy part is above the center right.  It's supposed to be two shades of green but they're too similar in shading to each other.
For a long time I did nothing because I was paralyzed by indecision, and I've been unhappy with the stitch I did end up with.  Then yesterday I worked a ton and then realized at the end that the colors I was using weren't correct and I basically would need to rip out all the stitching.  So that's it.  If a project isn't fun then there's not really a reason for me to be doing it.  So I will set the parrots aside for the foreseeable future and instead start on my lovely fish tuffet, which I am *actually* excited about working on.

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